Building a Legacy Across A Century

1912 Fluor Construction Co. founded
1915 Fluor builds meter shops for Southern California Gas Company
1919 Fluor receives a significant contract to build a compressor station.
1921 Buddha Cooling Tower introduced
1922 Natural gasoline plant built
1924 Fluor's 100th employee
1925 Gas plant constructed in Sante Fe Springs, California
1926 Air-cooled muffler and gas cleaner
1930 First major job outside California
1933 First overseas contract in Persian Gulf
1933 Fluor family helps employees during Great Depression
1934 Daniel Construction Company founded
1940 Alkylation Unit contract
1941 Fluor builds helium plant to support allied war effort in World War II
1941 Profit-sharing plan introduced
1942 First Fluor Annual Report
1943 Fluor aids development of nuclear technology during WWII
1944 New managers installed
1946 Fluor builds oil refinery in Montana
1948 First major overseas project
1949 First Canadian office
1951 Scale models introduced
1952 Fluor Foundation created
1957 Fluor hits Wall Street
1957 First Fluor office in UK
1959 First Fluor office in Haarlem, The Netherlands
1961 Fluor builds missile silos for U.S. Army
1962 J. Robert Fluor takes over
1965 First all-hydrogen refinery
1967 Fluor goes offshore
1969 Fluor forms mining subsidiary with acquisition
1970 Fluor enters nuclear power market
1972 Fluor helps construct Alaska Pipeline
1973 Fluor designs and engineers the world's first totally offshore plant
1975 Largest contract signed
1976 Fluor's new headquarters in Irvine, California
1977 Fluor acquires Daniel International and American Equipment Company (AMECO)
1978 Fluor begins operations in China
1979 Fluor - Global Superbuilder
1979 Sasol project in South Africa completed
1982 Fluor designs world's largest FLEXICOKERTM
1983 First commercial photovoltaic power plant
1984 Dave Tappan becomes CEO
1985 Fluor completes first major modular project
1989 Escondida mine project begins
1990 Tappan Award for Sales Excellence established
1991 Hugh Coble award for project excellence created
1992 Fernald restoration begins
1993 Fluor in Mexico
1993 Training in Thailand
1993 First BMW manufacturing plant outside Germany
1995 Milliken Fire rebuild in 181 days
1996 Fluor wins Hanford bid
2000 Knowledge OnLine introduced
2001 Conway Bypass completed
2001 Fluor Daniel to Fluor
2002 Alan Boeckmann becomes CEO
2003 Fluor participates in World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
2003 CETAC RIE in Iraq
2005 Fluor responds to Hurricane Katrina
2006 Fluor moves headquarters to Dallas, Texas
2006 Fluor declares Fernald project complete
2007 50th anniversary of Fluor on NYSE
2007 One of World's Most Ethical Companies
2008 Fluor awarded LOGCAP IV contract
2008 Fluor builds world's largest polysilicon facility in China
2008 Fluor partnership manages Savannah River Nuclear site
2009 Newmont's TS Power Plant
2010 Fluor assists with Gulf Coast Cleanup
2011 David Seaton named CEO
2011 Fluor's Houston office achieved a record 100 million safe work hours.
2012 Dow and Fluor sign Strategic Global EPC Agreement
2012 Fluor's Centennial event across 6 continents
2012 Fluor rings NYSE opening bell, celebrating Fluor's 100 years
2012 Shell's Carbon Capture Facility Selection
2013 San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge Opening
2013 DOE Awards Strategic Petroleum Reserve Management Contract
2013 Tappan Zee Hudson River Crossing Project
2014 Aroma Ingredients Facility, Malaysia
2014 Kitimat Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project
2015 BASF Jade Tree Project was first project executed from pre-FEED to mechanical completion entirely by local Chinese team
Fluor quickly builds a reputation for innovation and precise engineering and construction work.

Fluor's roots extend back to the turn of the 20th century, when a family of Swiss immigrants set up a construction business in the Western United States. Over time, that business evolved, first in 1912 as the Fluor Construction Company, then as Fluor Corporation, by which it is known today. Over the decades, Fluor has expanded its expertise across industries and around the world. Today, it is active in more than 33 countries on six continents.

From the Buddha Tower in the 1920s to the trans-Alaska Pipeline in the 1970s to the largest polysilicon facility in the world in 2008, Fluor has been at the forefront of innovation in engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance, led by visionary management and a global team of committed experts. View the above timeline for more details.

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