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Jack Penley

Jack Penley

Senior Vice President, Construction & Fabrication

In his 29-year career with Fluor, Jack Penley has held construction leadership positions on numerous projects and other assignments supporting the company’s construction business globally.

Mr. Penley was previously vice president of construction on the North West Redwater Partnership Sturgeon Refinery project in Alberta, Canada, a highly modularized project with direct hire labor at site. He is well known for his passion regarding employee development, improving construction methods and implementing new technologies to move the construction industry forward.

Some notable projects Mr. Penley has worked on include the Airco Needle Coke project in Seadrift, Texas; BP Chemicals Petrochemicals project in Greenlake, Texas; Union Carbide Polyethylene and Butanol projects in Taft, Louisiana; GE Plastics project in Mt. Vernon, Indiana; DuPont Nylon Expansion project in Chattanooga, Tennessee; Sunoco Ultra Low Sulfur Gas program in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey; Sunoco Expansion Project in Toledo, Ohio; and the Marathon Detroit Heavy Oil Upgrade Program in Detroit, Michigan.

Mr. Penley has participated in and supported many community development projects during his project assignments over the years.

Safety is a primary focus for Mr. Penley. He has overseen multiple projects with more than 1 million work hours without a recordable incident, and one project with more than 2 million safe work hours.