Fluor Solvent<sup>SM</sup> Process

Fluor SolventSM Process


The Fluor Solvent Process is the most cost-effective physical solvent process for bulk CO2 removal applications. The solvent has a low freezing point thus making the process suitable for cold climate applications, and the flash regeneration of the solvent during the process results in a smaller carbon footprint. These features are designed to meet project specifications.

Client Benefits

The Fluor Solvent Process is based on flash regeneration of the solvent; therefore, no heat input is required which results in lower operating costs and a smaller carbon footprint. The propylene carbonate solvent is readily available and is classified as nonhazardous. The Fluor Solvent Process operates at a mildly refrigerated temperature and the solvent does not foam or degrade. Minimal operator attention and maintenance is required compared to other acid gas treating processes.