Fluor Improved Econamine<sup>SM</sup> (DGA<sup>®</sup>)

Fluor Improved EconamineSM (DGA®)


The Fluor Improved Econamine technology uses an aqueous solution of diglycolamine (DGA). Solution concentrations of up to 65% weight DGA result in appreciably lower circulation rates and steam consumption when compared to other amines. The advantages of this technology include amine plant construction where stringent gas specifications must be met but cooling water is not available, operation in arctic climates where winterization is an issue, CO2 removal, H2S removal, and over 90% COS removal.

Client Benefits

The Fluor Improved Econamine technology adds a side cooler to the absorber to remove a significant fraction of the heat reaction thereby lowering amine circulation rates and reducing Client's capital and operating costs. The technology operates at 140°F (60°C) allowing for cooling at even high ambient air temperatures and minimizes amine degradation products thus maintaining amine quality and minimizing corrosion.